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5 Tips on How to Wear Jewellery in Winter

The frigid winter months can leave you feeling void of jewellery styling choices. Whether layers upon layers drowning out your favourite jewels, or the human need for gloves making wearing rings a questionable decision. 

For a practical field trip, we travelled to the Baltic Coast - the literal capital of the millenial/gen-z saying "it's Baltic" (translation: it's freezing), and non-coincidentally the historic home of our Amber Jewellery. Here we gathered these 5 tips for you to stay warm and cosy with a fearless fashion sense for styling your jewellery. 

1. Go BIG or Go HOME

Those are the two options for chilly walks - layer up, or run home early to de-freeze. If dressed weather-appropriate, your favourite dainty necklace, and minimal studs are likely to be swallowed whole by your winter wardrobe.

A chunkier fit means chunkier jewels. Leave your delicate beauties for your summer tees, and opt for a statement necklace or oversized pendant. Explore our Amber Handmade Collection for a curated selection of affordable larger than life Amber Jewellery.

2. Leave the myriad of Stacking Rings for safe keeping

We love rings. Rings are the greatest. Personally, my favourite choice and a firm subscriber to the "more rings the better" belief. Unfortunately, winter gloves pose a significant threat to this stance.

With minimal rings stacked vertically and horizontally across every finger, you risk loosing them when taking your gloves on and off. The cold can also cause your fingers to swell, giving you the inevitable unpleasant removal experience. Choose a large, colourful statement ring, it’s easy to keep track off and will add a pop of colour to your monotone winter staples.

Explore our Bright and Beautiful Amber Statement Rings.

3. Decorate what you can!

Jewels are human decor - the baubles of a Christmas tree, the sprinkles on a cake. Why hide those adornments where no one can see them? Accessorise your look with brooches - add them to your hat, scarf, lapel, even your turtleneck can be bejewelled. Get creative and personalise your whole style! For more ideas, explore our whimsical Amber Brooches - a fan favourite and Amber Must-Have.

4. Two Studs or Not to Stud

A debate as old as time. Some of our 300 million year old Amber will be younger than this question. Stud Earrings are arguably the best option for winter styling. They won't get caught in your scarf, or high neck, however with a warm wooly hat, they might be hard to spot. We recommend testing larger studs, or experimenting with a short drop earring. Depending on your preference of hat or scarf, you may wish to explore our Amber Earrings but to reiterate an earlier tip - go big or go home.

5.  Layer, layer layer - like a parfait

Winter or summer, layering is a jewellery trend that is just not going anywhere. In winter, we like to do layering a little differently. Wear a minimal yet sparkly bracelet over a lightweight, long sleeve jumper. Chunky bangles under a coat can become frustrating, heavy and cumbersome. Reminiscent of Opera Glove styling, this sophisticated bracelet look will leave you feeling like a Red Carpet beauty - and bang on trend! Why not try our minimal and sparkling infinity amber bracelet?



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