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NEW! ESSENTIALS: Instinctive Everyday Amber Jewellery

A modest collection with a mighty style impact. ESSENTIALS is a brand new minimal Amber Jewellery collection by Baltic Beauty, designed by the modern woman for the modern woman. To be worn at any time, the ESSENTIALS are for dates of distinction and daily routine, dressed up or down, stack and style to your heart’s content. Discreet everyday jewellery with a colourful twist.

Always redefining the styles and trends of Amber Jewellery, we wanted to create a collection true to our everyday lives. Being at home these last few months, got us questioning how and why people wear jewellery. 

Dating back to Ancient Egypt, Jewellery was a symbol of power, both politically and socially. With advances in technology and fashion, modern history has witnessed jewellery thankfully turn more whimsical and wearable. 
There is significant decrease in the connection between jewellery and formality. It is no longer a symbol of status, it is a means of self expression just as the clothes we wear. 

Whilst in lockdown, we asked you: "How do you wear your jewellery?". On special occasions or everyday?

The results were overwhelming in favour of daily wear. That's not to say we can't save those magnificent One of A Kind Jewellery pieces for special occasions. But more so that we do want jewellery to become part of our daily uniform. Simple but radiant jewels to add a sprinkle of spice to a jeans & t-shirt getup. Those jewellery box must-haves you put on instinctively. 

That is what we have created with our brand new ESSENTIALS collection. 

ESSENTIALS is that perfect white tee, your go-to LBD, your favourite jeans. Timeless, stylish and dependable, our ESSENTIALS come in 3 beautiful colours of Baltic Amber - Orange Amber, Earth Green & Cherry Red. 


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