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4 Ways to Spoil Your Better Half this Valentine's Day

If you're a V-Day skeptic, we don't blame you - it can be difficult to overcome the pressure, the marketing and the costs attributed to this cupid-stupid holiday.

If you need a reminder of what Valentine's Day is really all about, reminisce the beginnings of Mr Valentine himself with our "True Meaning of Valentines Day" blog post.

The best gifts are those that come from the heart, and jewellery can celebrate love in all of its glorious forms. Here's 4 ways that you can spoil your funny Valentine this February 14th.

1. Celebrate their Individuality

The meaning behind a gift is often of more value than the gift itself. One Of A Kind Jewellery shows her just how much she means. Each piece is created with entirely unique design and handcrafted with a completely personal touch. Not to mention the nature-made 400 million year old time capsule at the centre of each accessory. A truly distinctive gift for a one in 7 billion woman.

2. Take an Interest in their Passions

Our personal favourite gifts are those with an underlying message. Allowing for endless creative & thoughtful jewellery gifts, our Biography Collection offers a range of amber charm accessories. Is your Significant Other #wanderlust? Our Hamsa Charm Pendant is a symbol of protection - a guardian angel for their safe travels. Show your appreciation of their industrious nature with our Amber Bee Brooch. Explore our Jewellery with Meaning Guide for thought provoking inspiration and insight into our amber icon and talisman jewellery.

3. Be a Hopeless Romantic

If you're a champion of tradition, our love heart jewellery could be the way to spark emotions. Our dainty heart stud earrings would be a poetic pleasure for her to unwrap this Valentine's.

4. Give them the Gift of Choice 

Well we've reached the end, and I've saved the most controversial till last. Now this is definitely not an option for everyone and I understand the decades-old opinions of gifting money and gift cards. However believe it or not, a jewellery e-gift card can be the most thoughtful and romantic gift of them all. Bare with me here. So many women, and men, around the globe find joy in the shopping experience. So give them an experience. Give them the freedom to choose something they'll love, something they've secretly wanted. Give them the pick of the Baltic Beauty apple cart and send them instant joy.


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