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Introducing our 'Accessories' Collection

Introducing a brand new collection to Baltic Beauty. Just a few extras added to our boutique, including our very own Sterling Silver Chains and Silver Cleaning Cloth. We're also hoping to expand the section very soon to include gift wrapping options!

BB-BLOG: Our Sterling Silver Chain Collection
In our Baltic Beauty store, we offer 6 Sterling Silver Chains each with its own shining personality, adding something different to every pendant. Up until now, we have always offered every pendant with 6 chain options. Now, we offer our pendants with a single select chain, chosen based on the style, size and weight of the pendant, to ensure that you get the best suited chain for your Baltic Beauty pendant.

Well now you can purchase all of our Sterling Silver Chains separately too, as an add on item or just as an individual purchase. You can now make the most of our high quality chains at an excellent price. 

As for our polishing cloth, we believe that if you invest yourself into an item jewellery you should wear it forever. So keep your Baltic Beauty beautiful, maintaining its brand new silver shine,using our silver polishing cloth.
Amber jewellery is undoubtedly beautiful, there can be a no doubt that nature has created something so unique and precious. But, beauty requires some work every now and then. So keep your jewellery looking luscious and long-lasting with our very own cleaning and polishing cloth.

You can check out our blog post for more information on how to look after your Baltic Beauty, to keep your timeless amber jewellery... timeless!

So without further ado, here is a quick look at our brand new 'Accessories' section...


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