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Introducing Our New Blogger - Annie Emery: Ultimate Style, Travel & Life Enthusiast

You may have noticed a different writing style in our most recent "Why you should still celebrate Valentine's Day" post, or if you're not particularly a critique of semantics - you may have noticed a different name at the end. So, without further ado, it's time to formally introduce our new Baltic Beauty blogger, the wonderful Annabel Rose Emery.

After our fates collided at a much less exciting, uniform-wearing, time in our lives, I first met and fell in love with Annie. Her friendly and free spirited disposition combined with her bold eye for style, spoke directly to my soul. Now, as our paths have literally travelled in the opposite of directions, I am over the moon that not even 11,426 miles can keep our minds apart. So without further ado, I present my wonderful friend Annabel Rose Emery - your newest Baltic Beauty Blogger.

Annie is a 20-something millennial, currently residing in the natural beauties of New Zealand - far, far away from her little hometown in the UK. Since moving away, she is flourishing with her creativity, mindfulness & love for life. We're more than excited to have her on board!

1. What made you set off on your travelling journey?

I was always going to head off on some whirlwind adventure at some point in my 20’s; I was unhappy with my stress induced lifestyle in the UK and knew that there were better ways to utilise my talents and skills. I went through a stage of sudden enlightenment and really woke up out of this little social bubble I had created for myself and decided I needed to make some selfish, life altering decisions - having finally realised what I needed to do to live more prosperously.

I began planning a trip through South East Asia and Australia with my friend and after a couple of months working five hectic jobs, I had just enough money and motivation to board a plane to The Philippines and begin on a journey that I hope will never end.

2. Why did you choose The Philippines to visit first?

We went to The Philippines first as it made sense logistically to start in Manila, travel the ten islands we had highlighted and then make our way to Indonesia, then Australia. I cannot even begin to explain the culture shock we had when we landed in the capital. It was my first time visiting a third world country and it absolutely shook the world beneath my feet.

3. What do you miss most about home?

Besides the obvious; family and friends, I really miss my room - having a creative personal space to develop my artistry in. When you’re constantly on the move or living in shared spaces in hostels etc. although it’s fun, it’s very hard to find time for yourself. There are constant distractions and without having a space to call your own, it’s difficult to really invest yourself into creative projects.

For example, back in Staffordshire I had devised a studio space in my bedroom where I could set up photoshoots, sit and draw/paint, DIY gifts etc. - I had produced a little world that constantly inspired me. I really miss that but I am hoping to find a temporary house soon in New Zealand that I can do similar with!

4. What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

One thing!? Ahhh, how is a girl to choose. Probably my iPod. Although it isn’t the most important thing in the world to me (if I lost it I wouldn’t be as gutted as if I lost my phone or laptop), I really struggle to function without music. I have playlists for every mood and it keeps me constantly immersed in my imagination. I am sat here right now typing this on my computer whilst listing to a ‘study music adventure soundtrack’ and I cannot begin to express how much this helps me think. Every piece of music brings out a different mood or emotion and I tend to match my playlists to my projects so that I can really bring out the best in my writing or artwork.

5. Where’s next on your list?

The real question is; where isn’t on my list? I do plan on visiting home next year at some point (yay!), but other than that, I really just want to keep going until I get bored (if I ever get bored). I have no current desire to settle anywhere just yet, and I am still learning and figuring out what I want to do career wise. So right now I am happy to keep working and travelling spontaneously - I will go wherever the wind takes me and see how this weird and unpredictable universe unfolds.

6. What is your favourite pastime?

I am a complete escapist. I love film, galleries, museums and theatre - anything that allows my mind to wander. I love that feeling when you come out of a cinema after watching a heavily inspiring movie and you genuinely feel like you need to change the way you're living. There is no greater adrenaline or buzz then that innate, burning feeling to aspire to something that’s left a bit of an imprint on you. I also love road trips - just going and being at one with nature for a bit; walks, lakes, mountains, beaches, bays… finding bliss in the great outdoors (and usually it requires no funds at all!).

7. Name one thing on your bucket list for 2018

Funnily enough, I just said I love road trips, but I have never actually driven a car without an instructor. I passed my test last January and I am terrified of getting behind a wheel for the first time. New Zealand is a tough place to rely on public transport, as the country is better explored by having your own vehicle. But at the same time, I really dislike relying on others to help me move around, so my biggest bucket list must-do for 2018 is to save up, buy a car/van and face my fear!

8. How would you define your personal style ?

I dress for the occasion. If I’m going to an event or a certain place, then I match my style to suit - I have fun experimenting with different looks and expressions of myself. I see fashion and style as an outward reflection of my inward emotions, so if I wake up feeling all elated and happy, perhaps I will wear something lightly coloured and airy. If I am heading out at night, I tend to dress a bit more grungy with messy hair, darker make-up and a band tee; I feel most at home with a ‘rocker’ look, though the ability to be versatile in my appearance is something I’ll never tire of.

Generally, I like items of clothing that I can customise slightly; rolling trousers and sleeves, popping collars, layering with other garments to create completely new looks. I also enjoy owning unique One of A Kind Jewellery that stand out and start conversations with people. For example, my favourite item of clothing is my distressed denim jacket that has an Indian elephant motif embroidered and encrusted on the back. I have made so many friends wearing this jacket! Strangers constantly stop me to ask me where I got it from and people spot me from across the road wearing it! That my friends, is the power of style.

9. What jewellery do you wear everyday?

I have this beautiful Swarovski necklace that a close friend bought for me before I came travelling, I wear it everyday and now feel like it is a part of my aesthetic. It’s a gold and silver thin chain with a moon, a star and a circle pendant on it. I am obsessed with celestial imagery and symbolism and so I treasure it dearly. On my left arm I wear my watch with a gold chain that my parents bought me for my 21st and four rings on my fingers. One of these rings I made in a silver smithing class in Indonesia - wearing something handmade and having people compliment is really rewarding. Does a bobble that’s constantly adorning my right wrist count too?

10. What’s your favourite Baltic Beauty accessory?

I am in love with the Amber Sun Charm Pendant. I’m a bit of a bohemian jewellery lover and I love the idea that everything on my body represents something meaningful to me. I used to be an ‘accessory queen’ back home, but since I came travelling you begin to lose interest in materialistic items and desire pieces that are more special and durable than a disposable Topshop chain! I love the fact that the Baltic Beauty jewellery collections are full of idiosyncratic designs and bring you such a simplistic joy from wearing them. The unique and timeless nature of the designs - the sort that you can treasure forever, is why I am so excited to be onboard with this brilliant team of creatives!

@annabelroseemery @arecreative @halycontravel 

Look out for some more of Annie's Travel, Style & general Jewellery Ramblings, coming soon over the next few months!


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