The Affordable and Thoughtful Christmas Gift Guide 2018

by Sally-Ann Dunn November 28, 2018

Fuel their addiction for a morning latte with a 'paint your own' coffee mug, or show them your love with our cute Love Heart Stud Earrings. Spoil them with thoughts a thousand times over with these meaningful gift ideas, all thrown together from our favourite creatives!

If you're looking for ideas with a little more of the spoil factor check out our "Ultimate Blow the Budget Christmas Gift Guide" or discover our "Quick Fire Guide on How to Find the Perfect Gift" for a little festive inspiration.

1. Jewellery with Meaning 

Our Biography Collection sees an array of charm accessories, designed with meaning to express individuals distinctive personalities. Whether you're a traveller, a lover, a lifer, a protector, even a sailor - our talisman jewellery pieces can be used tell a unique story. Discover our Jewellery with Meaning Guide for ideas for the most thoughtful gift.

2. Leather Travel Walletby BEGOLDEN - £40

For the travellers who like to adventure in style.

3. 'Bathtime Pamper Gift Box by TwinkleBoxCo - £40

For the lovers of cosy nights, self love and relaxation.

4. Turtle Charm Pendant - £38

For the ocean lovers, surfers and water babies. Showcase their love for the sea with our timeless gemstone Turtle Charm Necklace. Available in both Green and Classic Amber.

5. Three Month Subscription by THE CHOCOLATE SOCIETY - £65

For the chocolate connoisseurs, give them the gift that keeps on giving with The Chocolate Society subscription box.

6. Travel Mug' Ceramic Painting Set by the POTTERY POST CO - £28

For the artists, coffee lover and pursuers of mindfulness. 

7. Tree of Life Charm Necklace - £26

For family. For friends. For lovers. The Tree of Life symbolises a connection to the world around you. It represents family and ancestry - all connected by the ever-expanding branches to our kin. Ultimately, the Tree represents eternal life. Explore our Jewellery with MeaningGuide for more thoughtful and meaningful charm jewellery.

8. Bad Brownie's Vegan/Gluten Free Brownie Box - £30

For the vegan foodies - give them the best guilt-free brownies and they'll thank you forever.

9. Bedside Watch And Phone Stand by MijoMoj Design - £49

For the lovers of puns, organisation and accessories.

10. Baltic Beauty's Anchor Cufflinks - £58

anchor cufflinks

For the handsome Sailor of your life, anchors are symbolic of strength and steadfastness. In the same way an anchor is raised from the waters to set sail - it represents hope, adventure and new voyage.

11. Rusticretrofurniture's Bath Caddy - £25

For those with the busy day job to rest, relax and bubble bath.

12. Melysweddings Gin Lover Gift Set- £16

For those with a love of Gin O'Clock.

13. Baltic Beauty's Infinity Bracelet - £48

Nothing quite shows friendship and love, like a bracelet made from links of infinity signs. The infinity icon is a mathematical icon representing forever. In popular culture, it has become a renown symbol of eternity, empowerment, devotion and everlasting love.

14. ThreeTwo1 Personalised Compact Mirror - £11

A pocket sized companion for beauties to check out their style on the go.

15. Beauty & The Beast Rose by The Rose Design - £51

For the romantic lovers and Disney fans with a heart of gold.

16. Black Croc Phone Case by Rianna Phillips - £30

Accessorise their beloved tech, with this super sleek croc effect leather phone case.

17. Heart Stud Earrings - £28

For the romantics. An obvious symbol for love, the heart is a metaphorical representation of a person’s deepest emotions. It includes feelings of affection and especially - but not exclusively, romantic love.

18. Crazy Family cushion by HappyMode - £20

For the lovers of home comfort and personal touches.

19. Craft Monkee's Ring Holder Cone - £13

For the jewellery lovers. Keep your jewels on show all year round with these gorgeous ring cones. Check out their ring dishes and concrete diamonds to turn your accessories into home decor.

20. Mini Butterfly Charm Necklace - £24

For the lovers of cute and whimsical, for the dreamers, the make believers. The butterfly is associated with the soul and therefore is a deep and meaningful representation of life. Not only this, but the butterfly is a symbol of transformation and change. 

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Sally-Ann Dunn
Sally-Ann Dunn

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