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Christmas Gift Guide

by Sally-Ann Dunn December 12, 2015

Stressing for the mad Christmas rush, and still don't know how to treat your bae? Don't fret, there may only be 13 days till Christmas but we've got your back. That's right folks, this year, you will be organised (as organised as you can be 2 weeks before C-day), because we are here to help in preparation for your christmas shopping.

Halloween Jewellery 2015

by Sally-Ann Dunn October 20, 2015

 Whilst breezing through my casual, late night Pinterest stalk, I discovered some absolutely spooktacular (I'm so sorry) celebration ideas, including makeup, food, decorations AND, who'd have thought it, JEWELLERY! 


How to Clean and Care for Amber Jewellery

by Sally-Ann Dunn October 11, 2015

Explore these useful tips on how to clean and care for your Amber & Sterling Silver Jewellery. Use our Anti-Tarnishing cloth to keep your Baltic Beauty Jewellery sparkling like new.

Baltic Beauty's Autumn Jewellery Collections

by Sally-Ann Dunn September 26, 2015

Well summer has come, gone, and left us long behind. But don't despair, we are here to wish a very happy Autumn/Fall to our beautiful BB-Blog readers! Just a short post from me this week, to give you something to look forward to - a sneak peek at a few of our brand new, up and coming 'Autumn/Fall' jewellery lines. Enjoy!

The mind behind the camera - BWozniak Photography

by Sally-Ann Dunn August 31, 2015

"The mind behind the camera", an amazingly fun interview to conduct with BWozniak Photography. He provides insight into the life of a photographer, useful tips and advice for beginners, as well as plenty of sarcasm. 

Your Summer Holiday Must-haves

by Sally-Ann Dunn August 16, 2015

Discover Baltic Beauty's top picks for your summer must-haves of 2015!
Includes savvy tech, useful accessories, fashion trends and makeup tricks.

Significant Six - Tips to make your first Etsy sale

by Sally-Ann Dunn August 10, 2015

Here are Baltic Beauty's Significant Six (as you can see, we're a fan of alliteration here). Six top tips for beginner and prospective Etsy sellers, to create, develop and promote their online shop to make their first sale.

Easy to follow, links to useful sites, and no jargon
(excluding the term SEO, everybody loves a bit of SEO). 

How and why Baltic Beauty began

by Sally-Ann Dunn July 26, 2015

"Following my simple introduction, I feel it necessary to divulge into an elaborate explanation of how my business began. I can tell you now, the idea did not come to me in my sleep by some prophet with wings - but there are in fact, one or two reasons behind it..."

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