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Baltic Beauty Blog-Baltic Beauty

Summer Jewellery Must-Haves

Fashion trends are not confined to your wardrobe - style choices extend from your prettiest head to your trendy toes. Here are some jewellery trends to help you navigate through Summer 2016 and...

Baltic Beauty Blog-Baltic Beauty

A Baltic Beauty Wedding

So, spoiler alert: we got engaged, HUZZAH. And, I have exams. So that can only mean one thing: PROCRASTINATION WEDDING PLANNING, *insert girlish scream here*. So check out this awesome...

Baltic Beauty Blog-Baltic Beauty

Christmas Gift Guide

Stressing for the mad Christmas rush, and still don't know how to treat your bae? Don't fret, there may only be 13 days till Christmas but we've got your back....

Baltic Beauty Blog-Baltic Beauty

Halloween Jewellery 2015

 Whilst breezing through my casual, late night Pinterest stalk, I discovered some absolutely spooktacular (I'm so sorry) celebration ideas, including makeup, food, decorations AND, who'd have thought it, JEWELLERY!   

Baltic Beauty Blog-Baltic Beauty

How and why Baltic Beauty began

"Following my simple introduction, I feel it necessary to divulge into an elaborate explanation of how my business began. I can tell you now, the idea did not come to...

Baltic Beauty Blog-Baltic Beauty

Introducing the Baltic Beauty Blog

"Throughout this blog, we will be aiming to interest a very wide audience from the young to the old, the male and female. Everyone, with access to the internet, is...


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