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How to Travel as a Minimalist & Jewellery Lover

by Annabel Emery May 01, 2018

A wise William Morris once said; everything that you own should be either useful or beautiful. Explore how travel took Annie from countless high street accessories, to having but a handful of sentimental keepsake jewellery pieces.

Baltic Beauty Jewellery in the Press - As Seen In: House of Coco

by Sally-Ann Dunn March 21, 2018

We're overjoyed to have been approached by House of Coco to feature in their Volume 10: The Celebration Issue & have a "Designer Spotlight Interview" featured in their online magazine. Check out mine and Bart's interview behind the scenes with House of Coco Girl Boss, Laura Bartlett.

"Don't Leave Home Without... Baltic Beauty's Tulip Ring" | Condé Nast Traveller Magazine

by Sally-Ann Dunn March 13, 2018

"Don't Leave Home Without... Baltic Beauty's Amber Tulip Ring" - as keen travellers ourselves, we were overjoyed to be featured in the March Edition of the Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. Keep your beloved treasures close to your heart and take them with you on your travels.

Introducing Our New Blogger - Annie Emery: Ultimate Style, Travel & Life Enthusiast

by Annabel Emery March 09, 2018

Introducing our newest addition to the Baltic Beauty Blog, Annie Rose Emery - a 20-something millennial, currently residing in the natural beauties of New Zealand - far, far away from her little hometown in the UK. Since moving away, she is flourishing with her creativity, mindfulness & love for life.

Through the Lens: The Baltic Sea

by Sally-Ann Dunn August 08, 2017

With this beautiful gallery, take a closer look at the origins of our jewellery with one of the most common locations of our Amber stones - the Baltic Sea.

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