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How and why Baltic Beauty began

So, already it’s been a while due to my busy travel schedule and consequent lack of a viable internet access. After all, there is only so long you can attempt to use and sign in to “gdansk-free-hotspot”.
For those of you who sadly missed my original introduction, I am Sally-Ann Dunn - your Baltic Beauty Blogger. I aim to provide you with information about my jewellery, travels, photography, fashion as well as tips for online businesses. Hopefully, you will be able to find an array of useful tips to help you on your way. 
So in our second ever blog post - here are the origins of Baltic Beauty.
Following my simple introduction, I feel it necessary to divulge into an elaborate explanation of how my business began. I can tell you now, the idea did not come to me in my sleep by some prophet with wings - but there are in fact, one or two reasons behind it.
Firstly, my absolute pet hate of life is that, life itself seems all so conventional, so boring, so uniform - it’s almost a regime. We must first go to school, obtain an education, get a job, have a family, grow old and penultimately die - what a happy thought.
I wanted something different. I want something different.
My idea is that if one can make enough money to survive, you can use the time freely to do whatever you want! Wouldn't it be even more amazing if you could earn that money by doing something that you loved? Wow, I sound like one of those cheesy intermission adverts, “would you like to earn $8000 a month whilst sitting at home?” Stupid question.
Following deep contemplation of life (top tip: the melodramatic-y is a key feature in any good blog), I decided to start my online business - Baltic Beauty. My almost-father-in-law has been involved in the jewellery business for quite some time, so I have grown up surrounded by sparkly things, that I basically could not wear. 
So I knew that I wanted my business to involve jewellery, the only question that remains is ‘why amber jewellery?’

The answer lies in yet another thing that makes me tick - the fleeting and disposable nature of fashion. For example, jewellery fashion amongst young women seems to take one of the following courses:
  1. buy multiple £14 necklaces from Topshop - wear them for some time, eventually lose them without noticing whilst slowing replacing them with £10 ones from River Island
  2. Vivienne Westwood” pendants become a huge trend amongst your fellow instagrammers, after weeks of subtle hints you finally receive one as a gift, you wear it a few times - become bored, lose it, and replace it with a £10 equivalent from Topshop.
This is the reason why I adore amber, and thus its jewellery. Amber is a natural resin, if you haven't had the pleasure of watching Jurassic Park I would kindly invite you to do so, whilst also informing you that amber has been around a lot longer than any of us, and will succeed long after we have gone - another happy thought.
What I am trying to say, in not so many words, is that amber is ever lasting. It is literally created by the impressions of our world, it’s beauty is truly not comparable and that is why I chose it for my jewellery. Every person that wears amber jewellery, is showcasing a produce of mother nature, a piece of earth and a fraction of time. 
And finally, who better to set up a business with than my partner in crime, Bartosz Wozniak, who is coincidentally an amazing photographer (I chose well - purely a business tactic of course). Next week, I will conduct an interview with him, in order to get a snippet of the mind behind the camera. 
So I warmly invite you to view the contents of my shop, with the open mind that all of my jewellery has been created with the love, time and care that every person deserves to wear - I’m not a poet, I swear ;)
Your BBBlogger, Sally-Ann xxx


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